Luxorsys Technologies Pvt Ltd
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LUXORSYS (Luxury Systems) is a Premiere Manufacturer of Embedded Systems in the registered brand name of Luxorsys Technologies Pvt Ltd ® at Pune, Maharashtra, India. We manufacture an entire spectrum of advanced automation/remote controlled systems that save manual effort while reducing carbon footprint. Through state of the art cutting edge technologies Luxorsys aims at producing equipment that enrich your quality of life and provide improved living conditions.

At Luxorsys, we have something for everyone.

Come home to digiSPACE

Imagine living in homes that are intelligent. Homes, that sense your presence and absence, comfort and discomfort and adjust accordingly. Where after you get up and set foot on carpet, the geyser turns ON automatically, the window blinds open up to allow the right amount of light in. Breakfast is already warm in your microwave..


Products at Luxorsys

Luxorsys offers a diverse range of products encompassing all facets of residential and industrial actuation and automation. Our products, through emphasis on luxury cover all aspects for improved living standards like security, lighting control, water management,  fire prevention, remote control, etc.

Serivces at Luxorsys

From end to end product development to design validation and consulting, we accept a varied range of system requirements, deal with the intricacies of performance and deliver high quality solution on time.

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